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Birthed with love

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I'm a doula and birth photographer located within the Illawarra. I have been supporting families for over four years. Birth is such a transformational time in your life and it has been a privilege to be supporting women during this period in their lives.

Most importantly I am a mother to my beautiful boy Luka who lights up my world!

Doula & Birth Photographer



Golden Treasures Photography

my why

I want you to have a positive and inspiring birth story that is filled with love, happiness and support.

Birthed With Love By Karlee was born from discovering the benefits of having continuous support during labour and birth. This is reducing the number of women suffering from birth trauma and postnatal depression. I strive to empower you with the confidence to advocate for yourself and facilitate consent by creating space for you to make your own informed decisions; giving you the confidence to have your dream birth.


I have a passion for physiological birth and I teach techniques that can be used during labour to assist with the natural birth process because I want you to have a positive and inspiring birth story that is filled with love, happiness and support.

The intimate art of birth photography is much more complex than simply taking photos of birth. My job as your birth photographer is to capture the raw and intimate moments of your birth and the first memories of your baby's life.

My job as your doula is to inspire you to feel empowered and confident in your birth journey by providing support and guidance. We explore your views around birth and talk about how you can be best supported throughout your birth and postpartum period.


Alisia Mason Photography


Growing up, I always felt a special connection with babies. I remember loving child studies as a subject at school and my dream was always to become a midwife.

After school I decided to enrol in the Australian Doula College as a stepping stone to becoming a midwife. ​This is where I was able to learn all about pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. Through this experience I discovered how medicalised birth is nowadays and the long term negative effects the hospital system has on mothers and their family. This ignited my passion for women’s rights during birth, giving them a voice and allowing them to give birth in a way that feels natural to them.


Once I graduated from the college I started studying midwifery at university. However not long into studying I began to realise that my passion was to support women emotionally and physically through their birth as a doula rather than medically as a midwife.

My soul desires to support women as they delve into the birth portal. 

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 maiden to mother

My journey into motherhood was naturally interwoven through my career, providing me with a first-hand insight into the birth and postpartum world. 


I entered this phase of my life with a deep sense of knowing. I had already immersed myself in birth education and had a clear vision of the experience I desired for myself and my family.

My pregnancy was a time where I could turn within and focus on connecting with my intuition and my baby.

My birth experience solidified my passion for homebirth and the continuity of care that private midwifery provides. 

I was able to build a beautiful trusting relationship with my midwife throughout my pregnancy and loved having her support during my birth. 

Becoming a mother unveiled a love beyond measure, a journey that stands as my greatest accomplishment.

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my vision

Birthed With Love By Karlee empowers women to trust their bodies and to feel confident in their birth journey.

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